Party Rentals

Browse our selection of barrel products available to rent for your next big event. See our Gallery for examples of how our customers have used our products for their event.

All rentals are for 3 days.

  • Barrel

    A barrel works great for cocktail type tables or accent décor. This full-size barrel is 53 gallons in size and stands 34” tall.


  • Barrel with Round Table-Top

    Works great as a XL cocktail table, guest book table, or cake table. Round table-top is 36” in diameter.


    Barrel with Round Table-Top
  • Cocktail Barrel with Umbrella

    A barrel cocktail table with umbrella not only serves a functional need for your party but the umbrella adds extra ambience that says it’s a party! Umbrella is extra-large at 9’ in diameter.


    Cocktail Barrel with Umbrella
  • Barrel Table-Top Combo

    Our barrels with table-top combo works great as a cake, gift, or food table. The combo includes two barrels and one 8’ long table-top.


    Barrel Table-Top Combo
  • Barrel Table-Top with Backdrop Combo

    Adding a backdrop to our table-top allows you to display a banner, pictures, flowers, or whatever you choose to decorate the backdrop with. The combo includes two barrels, one 8’ long table-top, and one 8’ long by 35” tall backdrop.


    Barrel Table-Top with Backdrop Combo
  • Barrel Table-Top with Dessert Shelves Combo

    Adding dessert shelves to a table-top allows you to serve your guests both desserts and the main course on one table-top. The combo includes two barrels, one 8’ long table-top, and two 8’ long by 5.5” wide dessert shelves.


    Barrel Table-Top with Dessert Shelves Combo
  • Barrel Cooler

    Our barrel cooler might very well be the most stylish cooler you have ever seen! The cooler is bushel basket (8 gallons) in size.


    Barrel Cooler
  • Barrel Bar

    Our one-of-a-kind barrel bar features twin coolers that have been integrated into the bar top. It also features a liquor shelf, and a magnetic chalk board to list your drink choices.


    Barrel Bar
  • Barrels with Wedding Arch

    By integrating our wedding arch into two barrels it adds an extra dimension of style to a standard wedding arch. Arch is 8’x 7’.


    Barrels with Wedding Arch
  • Barrel with Magnetic Chalkboard

    The stand-alone nature of our barrel with magnetic chalkboard allows you to position and stage your display where you want it and at the angle you want. Chalkboard dimensions are 24” x 36”.


    Barrel with Magnetic Chalkboard
  • Barrel Cardholder

    Momma and Pappa barrel are pleased to announce the new arrival of baby barrel! This little baby holds over 100 cards! The top has a 5” slot for easy deposit of cards. The top is removeable and a quarter turn “locks” or “unlocks” the lid to access the cards. Barrel is 13” tall.

    (Only available with rentals greater than $100).


    Barrel Cardholder
  • Barrel Lantern Pole

    Take your lanterns to the next level by elevating them on a barrel lantern pole. Use these to highlight a certain area for your event or scatter a few around as accent lighting. Lots of possibilities with these.

    Note: barrel and pole only are provided. You provide your own lanterns. Lantern shown in picture is for sample purposes only. Lantern Pole height is 7’.


    Barrel Lantern Pole
  • Barrel Dessert Tower

    The barrel dessert tower provides a nice endcap to your food table. It features four tiers (including the barrel top) for your desserts.


    Barrel Dessert Tower